Projects inspection trips are very important for the buyers. The main reason is to see and inspect the properties in their settings , having the chance to know the area and the friendly turkish people.
After the trip it will be easier to make an educated and considered decision .
Please fill in the application form.After we have clarify your requirements,we will arrange your trip.
We look forward to welcoming you here in Turkey.

Buying Process 
Foreigners may purchase freehold land and property in Turkey , in their own names, provided that: 
According to the law ‘property purchase by foreigners in Turkey' enacted on January 6, 2006, foreign nationals (real persons) are able to acquire real estate in Turkey on the conditions their country has reciprocal agreements regarding property purchase with Turkey. 
Turkey has a reciprocal agreement for the purchase of land and properties with the following countries; Danmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, England, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Canada, Luxembourg, Norway, Australia, France, Greece, and some other African and South American states. 
After the decision for a property: 
A private purchase contract,which is in line with current Turkish laws and officially acceptable anywhere in Turkey, is signed up between the buyer and Canik Group. The contract will contain all details and conditions related to the purchase and terms and conditions of payment, together with the responsibilities for both sides. The buyer will be required to pay a deposit in an agreed time to activate the contract. The buyer also authorises Canik Group to organise water connection, electricity and phone line for the property, and to do all necessary authority applications. 
Once the contract is signed by all parties and activated ,the property is considered as sold.
After the contract is signed and the deposit paid, the application for the Military clearance will be done. The TAPU cannot be transferred to a foreign purchaser before the clearance ,which is received in 3-4 months. 
However, the act regarding Military Prohibited and Security Areas can be an impediment and therefore restrict the acquisition of property by foreigners if the property is located within a particular distance of military sites or strategically important areas.
After Military clearance has been received: 
The property can be registered in the buyer's name. 
The title deed transfer takes place at the Land Registry Department, a member of the municipality. The land register is administrated by the Tapu-Office, here the name of the owner will be changed in the register when buying the property. For this you need your ID, 4 Passport-Photographs. It is necessary to have a translator at the stage of the transfer to make sure that the buyer has accepted(understand) the context. The original Tapu of the property will be handed to the new owner . 
For more details,please contact us.We will be glad to answer all your questions.

Canik Decoration

Canik Decoration knows how to live. Our interior designer will listen to your wishes and try to fulfill them.


If you want to invest in Turkey and you are looking for a reliable partner,please call us. We are a well-known and settled company ,and would like to hear about your projects.


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