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A Short Information About The Story Of TurkishOrient Carpets
Because of the craftsmen who weave Orient Carpet contribute a rare beauty, colors and patterns. These carpets have always been appreciated in the East and all over the world. The most important difference of quality in Orient Carpet is the tightness of the knots, harmonious colors, the lifetime of a carpets and the total table of the weaving. Some special Orient carpets gain value as they get older. On the other hand they contain the traditions inside and create a richness that is inherited from generation to generation in various cultures. We can divide the carpets which are woven in different areas into two parts as “village carpet” and “city carpet”. The carpets which were woven in villages take their model source from the culture of YORUK who live in Anatolia as settled in these days.
Generally in Europe, these carpets are called “Anatolier” Anatolian Carpet. The most of these carpets has been woven by knotting wool onto wool. The city Carpets has been woven by knotting wool onto cotton.
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