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Our Carpet Palace
We present you a magnificent collection which consists of completely hand woven orient carpets on three floors of our organization with an area of 2000 m2. You can also find almost any type of carpets from antique unique carpets to modern versions. Recommendations and consultancy information from expert hands and extensive services are a natural service understanding of trade in our palace. Mr. Canik sees the important point of the trade lies in the highest quality service. We export the carpets which are bought from us to world countries for 2 - 3 times (cargo, customs expenses and VAT are included in the sales price.) In case the carpets which are sent might not be liked, we also send other carpets too. We exhibit some of the carpets which we think to be harmonious for your own area. If there is any piece which does not suit to your will, we apply to our international trade connections in order to reply to your need.
Yeni Mh. Akdeniz Cd. No:30 07980 Kemer / Antalya Telephon: +90 242 814 21 54 - +90 242 814 21 72 Fax: +90 242 814 21 72 GSM/Viber: +90 542 213 1700